On the menu today: Tagliarini Nero!

In spicy Salse Sicilianaimg_3747


Fusilli, with green garlic cream!


Fresh new bronze die to break in! 

Getting tossed with a creamy beets and ricotta sauce. 


Casarecce, with braised chicken and artichokes. 

Rigatoni Gigante, with braised chicken, artichokes and olives. 

Bright and flavorful, yet ultimately satisfying. 

This must be where the term “spring chicken” came from …

Also- Mafalda, with pea-vine almond pesto. 

Cavatelli, with Clams, White Wine and Garlic Scapes! 

And Cresti Di Gallo, with Porcini cream. 

A little trip down south… 

Perciatelli, with Boquerones, shishito peppers, olive oil and breadcrumbs 


Gigli, with brocolli romanesco, chickpeas and Moroccan spices.  


As in: shaped like tripe…..

Not to be confused with “tastes like tripe” – it’s getting tossed in a spicy “salse salamumi’ with dandelion greens. 


Maccherotto, little scrolls – in a lemon, leek scape and ricotta sauce. 

Forget your Triskadekaphobia, your olds are looking pretty good today. 

The Italians believe 13 to be a lucky number! …. And it looks like theses odds are in your favor! 

A pasta lovers pesto dish, big toothsome Lumache Gigante, with a fresh basil-mint pesto? 


Lasagne Tricolore, spring garlic-ricotta filling, spinach pasta and tomato? 


The classic. 

We get so excited about all our other seasonal pasta dishes, we sometimes forget about the tried and true.  

Pappardelle alla Bolognese. 


As well as, 

Lumache, in Putanesca Verde

And spring garlic stuffed pasta in tomatoes and butter. 

And don’t forget…  


Squid ink Tagliarini! 

With Salse Verde… 



Casarecce, with spring onions, garlic and white wine sauce. 

Rigatoni with asparagus, almonds, capers and calabrian chilies. 


 Conchiglie with bocarones, fennel, olives