Opening up reservations for Pasta and Wine classes!

The First Class of The Series Starts Saturday, May 28th!  

Each month I will be hosting a pasta making class, dinner and wine tasting, -all rolled in to one evening .  Each class in the series will focus on a specific region of Italy-  We will learn to make pasta typical of the region, (including general pasta making lessons), drink their local wines, prepare sauces using the region’s ingredients, drink wines, and create a lovely italian meal in the process,… did I mention drink wine

(the third round of “drink wine” is totally optional, -because we start every class with mandatory prosecco)

And for Class number 1!!!

Drum roll please………

You can expect spicy chili peppers, laughing, Pasta Alla Chitarra, floury handprints, Montepulciano, lamb, and….Jordan almonds?

I did not take this picture:…..but that is pasta alla chitarra (our pictures from the class will be much better)

The fee for the evening is $125 per person and includes, a 3 course dinner, wine, printed recipes and pasta to take home with you!

To reserve a spot for the event, just post the comment “invite me!” and I will send you a personal email with all the information!

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